Potential Settings

Are you writing a story and need a setting for your plot to unfold in? Look no further! Here is a list of potential settings for your next story line: a kitchen pantry a hallway a box factory a sidewalk the roof of a building on a swing set a front yard in a tree … Continue reading Potential Settings


Confronting the Absurd: A Stream of Consciousness

I try not to think about how everything is meaningless and every effort is futile and understanding the Universe amounts to understanding an amalgamation of random chances and how the Universe doesn’t care about you because you are not even a blip on its radar, you’re dust, less than dust, and you just happen to … Continue reading Confronting the Absurd: A Stream of Consciousness

Poem: Full Circle

The sky is leaking I tell the rain to go away I say 'Come back later' But then I remember It rained last week and I am simply Echoing old sentiments and here it is It's raining again Just as per my request So I find refuge and watch as the world is made wet