Making Friends

I’ve always had a difficult time making friends. Not just acquaintances you run into here and there but never really do anything with or talk to about anything important, but real friends. I’m an introvert, and I’ve always felt that people don’t really know how to react to me for some reason. I’ve learned to adjust my approach over the years and let people warm up to me. The only good thing about this effect I have on people is that those who aren’t put off by me are probably potential friends. Those are people I develop a connection with right away, which is awesome. But those connections are rare and difficult to find, so you need acquaintances and such or else you’ll be lonely. I’ve lived in my current apartment only for about 7 months, and I’m new to this city. I have no one here. To remedy that, I did a little something recently.

It was a little out of my comfort zone, but it worked. As I left my apartment building one day, I ran into a guy leaving at the same time. He looked about my age and I saw which apartment he had come from, so when I got back home I wrote a little note introducing myself and asking if he’d like to go for coffee one day, and slipped it under his door. I got a reply from the other person living in that apartment, and we went for coffee. She gave me her boyfriend’s number so I could talk to him too (it was the boyfriend I saw that day). Maybe we’ll just be acquaintances and maybe I’ll lose touch with them once I move away, but for now I’ve someone I can chat with and get coffee with occasionally, and that’s so much better than being alone and lonely every day.


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