Yay for Nice Old Ladies

Last week I met a nice 70-year-old lady living in my building. She was sitting outside the door enjoying the sunshine when I went out to go shopping. She just started talking to me so we introduced ourselves. She told me to come visit her and gave me her suite number. Yesterday I decided to take her up on that and went to see her. She was instantly welcoming and told me she had just been thinking about me. She gave me apple juice and said we’d go for coffee the next day. So today I met her at her apartment. She gave me a chocolate bar to put in my purse for later, and we walked across the street to a fast food chain for coffee. When we got there, she insisted on giving me both a coupon and money for lunch, telling me to use them because we’re friends. She then said she won’t be using them because she already ate lunch. I did use the coupon and the money, and we agreed that I’d buy her coffee next time. We talked of many things, including her generation’s norms and why they were bad, such as wife beating and sexism, as well as the expectation for women to be attached to a man their whole life. She declared that today is much better in some respects, and went on to verbally attack Donald Trump, who is from her generation. She stated that he holds all the negative values of her generation, calling him a “male chauvinistic pig.” It was great. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to go for coffee again. Nice old ladies are the best.


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