Making Friends the Sequel

If you saw my post on making friends then you know that I’ve been in contact with a neighbour down the hall after leaving them a note under their door. I just thought I would catch you up with what’s progressed from that.

Since going for coffee that one time with the young woman from that apartment, I spent some time on Canada Day with the young man. The young woman wasn’t available, but her boyfriend was, so we checked out what they had for Canada Day in our city and got food. We also got free water bottles which say, “Canada 150” on them so that’s pretty cool. I invited him and his girlfriend to the rodeo which will be in town in a couple of weeks, so we’ll see if they can make it.

I just wanted to mention this because it worked: I left a stranger a note and made two new acquaintances. I am happy but more so relieved that it worked out the way it did.


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