My Silver Cinema Experience

While I was in Ireland I went to the cinema one Tuesday at 11am. The website for the cinema listed it as the “Silver Cinema” showtime and I had no idea what that could possibly mean. All I knew was that they were showing a movie I wanted to see, and I was free that Tuesday at 11am. For the record, they were showing The Martian and I hadn’t seen it yet. So I went to the movie. While waiting in line, I realised something: I was the only person there (besides the employees) under the age of 60. The cinema was empty but for this line-up of me and these people over 60. Then it hit me: it was called “Silver Cinema” because it was designed for retirees. It was on a Tuesday at 11am because retirees generally are the only people free on Tuesdays at 11am. Retirees and me, a grad student who happened not to have a class at that time. The lady in front of me told me, “I bet that employee at the ticket counter is gonna be relieved when you get there. They’ll be happy to see another young person!” I felt out of place, but it was a cheap movie so I was glad for that at least.


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