So Much For That

I previously talked about my recent experiences and efforts to make friends, and followed up with a second post about how my friend-making efforts are going. I have more to say on that topic now. I spent some of Canada Day with one of these people in my building (the people I spoke about in my previous posts), and invited them to go to the rodeo and fair with me, which was being put on in the city two weeks later. He told me that he’d let me know. I texted him closer to the date, twice, because I wasn’t hearing from him, but he never got back to me. To add to this, these two people had to move out of my building because their balcony was falling off the building. They moved to the neighbouring city, so running into them is now impossible. I feel like I won’t hear from them again. I thought it was going well between us, so it’s really too bad that it didn’t work out. I’m disappointed, but maybe next time I connect with someone, it will last.


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