Thoughts and Conversations

Sometimes I have conversations which amuse me, and sometimes I want to share my thoughts. Hopefully they amuse you too.


  • Jane: “Oh well. You can’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”
    Me: “I guess not. Not even the king’s horses could do such a thing.”






  • Mom: “Have you gone to the Dairy Queen?”
    Me: “No…Why are you asking me about Dairy Queen?”
    Mom: “…I don’t know.”


  • An Irish person told me once, “Biscuits are biscuits unless they’re chocolate chip cookies.”




  • Me: “There’s a shit-ton of towns–”
    Dad: “Don’t say that! It’s ‘shitload’ or ‘ton of’”
    Me: “…There’s a shitload of towns around here”




  • You can tell I’ve a fashion designer for a sister: when I see photos of people I’m told are hot, I’m all “What’s that they’re wearing?”


  • Playing Catan:
    Me: ‘There are no bricks’
    My sister: ‘You could build a road’
    Me: ‘There are NO BRICKS’